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Inovus are delighted to announce the loan of a Pyxus Pro Laparoscopic surgical simulator to the Royal College of Surgeons of England. A demo model has been made available to visitors of the Wellcome Museum of Anatomy and Pathology on the 2nd floor of the RCS in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, see the Wellcome Museum website for details. Read more »


Inovus surgical solutions is an innovative and forward thinking organisation. Their primary directive is to develop and distribute readily affordable, high quality surgical training equipment.

The organisation and its product line were initially developed in response to the ever decreasing number of hours which trainees are legally allowed to work. Such restrictions have lead to less and less contact hours in theatre. With evidence suggesting that a minimum of 10 000 hours of practice is required to become truly proficient at any skill, said restrictions are making it nearly impossible for trainees to gain the experience and contact hours required to become safe and proficient surgeons.

Current training devices are prohibitively expensive for individuals to purchase and are often only available at large teaching hospitals, where competition for use is excessive, resulting in little gain in contact hours.

Inovus surgical solutions provide the perfect answer to a growing concern. They produce readily affordable surgical training devices. Complementing their devices is an extensive online training programme providing tutorials, feedback and performance tracking. The experience provided by Inovus allows trainees to develop their surgical skills anywhere, any time with their own personal surgical training device.

Join the Inovus family today and become one of many who are taking an enjoyable, interactive and affordable route to completing their 10,000 hours and becoming world class surgeons.