A successful day at LAPCO 2016

The Inovus team were in Basingstoke this week for the Lapco 2016 meeting. The programme was packed full of inspirational speakers including former President of SAGES Professor Brian Dunkin, Lapco clinical lead Professor Mark Colman and Mr Ole Helmer Sjo from Oslo University Hospital, to name but a few. The event was a great opportunity for Inovus to showcase their innovative new Pyxus Pro Move laparoscopic simulator to some of the world leaders in surgical education and training. Inovus CEO, Dr Elliot Street, had this to say about the event: “The meeting was a resounding success on all fronts. Not only did we have a captive audience of key decision makers from the world of surgical training

Inovus receive short listing for yet more innovation awards

Having been close runners up in the Medilink North West Innovation award and winning the AI Business excellence award for best innovation in laparoscopic surgery, Inovus have been shortlisted for the MIA innovation awards 2016. The short listing highlights the forward thinking and innovative approach that has seen Inovus revolutionise the world of laparoscopic surgical training. With winners due to be announced in early July the company stand to secure another prestigious award along with a cash prize of £10,000. Inovus CEO, Elliot Street, said this about the short listing: “Regardless of the outcome of the final panel I am delighted we have been shortlisted for the MIA innovation prize. The

The cutting edge

All Pyxus (TM) packages purchased from our website now come with access to a series of printable laparoscopic cutting and folding tasks. Head on over to the downloads section of our website to gain access to these tasks now! Why practice precision cutting? One in 1000 laparoscopic gall bladder surgeries result in common bile duct injury. In order to prevent this from happening it is imperative that skills such as laparoscopic cutting are perfected through practice and repetition. Malcolm Gladwell author and champion of the 10,000 hour rule suggests that mastery is achieved only after a total of ten thousand hours of practice have been committed. Surgery is no different from sport in this sen

Inventing your own Laparoscopic tasks

One of the things we really encourage with our simulators is creativity. It's important to practice as many skills as possible with your simulator so getting creative with household supplies can sometimes be just as effective as buying the training bases that we provide. It's astounding what can be achieved with items as simple as a toilet roll and even an egg container. Being inventive is really down to you, what skills do you think you need to hone? We posted a video quite some time ago demonstrating how to create your very own cutting task with a couple of latex rubber gloves and a jug of water. Our aim is to build a vast library of laparoscopic tasks created by you the user at home by sh

Potential breakthrough in trocar insertion

An extremely interesting talk by Nikolai Begg on trocar insertion and how dangerous this fundamental surgical skill really is. Here he offers his solution with a beautifully simple product engineered in such a way that the trocar is retracted at the very moment a successful puncture is achieved.

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