Educational Partners

We believe that medical and surgical education is best delivered through collaboration. As such we work alongside some of the most exciting organisations around to bring the highest quality education experience to our customers. Take a look at our educational partners below. If you want to know more about them then click on their logo and go visit their site.




Wetlab is dedicated to hands on surgical training development and assessment, working closely with industry and National health service hospitals in Britain and Ireland together with the SCTS university and the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

Concentric Health's mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Decisions informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician. Concentric digitally transforms the paper process of giving consent for surgery or a procedure.

WIMAT (The Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy) was opened in 1994 in Cardiff Medicentre, on the shared site of the University Hospital of Wales and the University of Wales College of Medicine. WIMAT works with Cardiff University and runs multi-disciplinary training courses across a range of surgical and medical specialties.

Advanced Medical Simulation Online has adopted a blended learning approach to continuing professional development. Our online learning resources and onsite training facility together with our expert faculty will guide you through the complex stages of acquiring skills and knowledge in your subject area whenever and wherever you are located.

smotsTM has become the default standard for the medical sector in recording, playback, distribution and review. The system has been carefully designed to work in any medical or simulation environment and enables secure sharing of full HD video over your network.

Inovus Medical has been appointed as the official manufacturer and supplier of LapPass® training kits in collaboration with the ALSGBI.

Launched by ALSGBI in 2015, the LapPass® is a nationally recognised certification of proficiency  in the technically demanding skills required for laparoscopic surgery and the only validated laparoscopic skills curriculum in the UK. For further details visit: