The Inovus Medical Gallbladder Model is a low cost, single use model designed to allow training surgeons to work through the critical steps in laparoscopic cholecystectomy including dissection of Calot’s Triangle and clipping and ligating the cystic artery and cystic duct. The product represents ‘standard anatomy’ including Gallbladder, cystic duct, cystic artery, common hepatic duct, common bile duct and omental envelope whilst offering close to life tissue handling and real time haptic feedback.

The product has been developed by the Inovus design team alongside our in house clinicians in order to offer the most real to life cholecystectomy model on the market. Not only is the model the most realistic available, it is by far the most affordable cholecystectomy model available. With retail price starting at £25 per model this product will allow training surgeons to carry out multiple simulated laparoscopic cholecystectomies at an affordable cost. Better yet the model has been designed to be compatible with all existing laparoscopic ‘box trainers’ on the market.

Gallbladder Model

Retaining Option
  • The Inovus medical cholecystectomy model can be held in place with the Inovus suturing base or the soft tissue retaining clip available on the Inovus store and on the drop down menu for this product. We strongly recommend buying one of these retaining options for optimal performance of the model.

    The skills that can be practiced on the model include:

    • Dissection of Calot’s (cystohepatic) Triangle
    • Clipping of cystic artery
    • Clipping of cystic duct
    • Ligation of cystic artery
    • Ligation of cystic duct
    • Dissect cystic artery
    • Dissect cystic duct
    • Visceral control

    Compatible with all box trainer systems

    **Please note this is a single use product**

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