• Operate on a highly realistic 4cm fibroid
  • Single use model for practising the core steps in laparoscopic myomectomy
  • Close to life tissue handling and real time haptic feedback
  • All non AR models require a method of retaining the task, Inovus Medical recommends their suturing base for this
  • LapAR™ variant only compatible with the Inovus Medical LapAR™ simulator

Myomectomy Model

Retaining Option
  • The skills that can be developed with this model include:
    • Incision of the perimetrium
    • Dissection of myometrium
    • Identification of fibroid
    • Mobilisation of fibroid
    • Removal of fibroid
    • Closure of myometrium
    • Visceral control
    • Perform a fully immersive procedure and track your performance with the LapAR™ simulator

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