The SmartMan Megacode manikin has the same hardware features as those offered by the ALS manikin. The robust design of the hardware with quick and easy attachment and removal of arms and legs, coupled with the award winning digital feedback and ability to train and track performance of chest compressions and ventilations as well as advanced resuscitation skills, makes this manikin the perfect all rounder; excellent for high volume BLS training through to fully tracked and measured ALS simulations. 


The Megacode manikin comes with the award winning SmartMan software as standard and provides easy to understand colour-coded feedback on the quality of chest compressions and ventilations. As with the ALS manikin, the Megacode software has an intubation-training scenario, which gives a score on how quickly and effectively you are able to perform intubation. The main value add of the Megacode system is the ability for the software to track all the critical events in a resuscitation scenario during a 20 minute ‘code’, capturing data on key events in a resus attempt including quality of CPR, assessment of heart rhythms, time between rhythm assessment and delivery of shock, securing access, delivery of drugs and many more. Each critical event performed during the simulation is captured in the software giving real time feedback as well as an ability to debrief following the simulation. The Megacode also comes with the health status tracker that shows the ‘real time’ chance of achieving ROSC during the resus attempt. 


The proprietary Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System, which is unique to the SmartMan manikins, provides accurate measurement and excellent physical feel of the interaction of air movement during ventilation. The real time digital display shows the volume, rate and timing air in and out of the lungs as it is related to movement of the chest and provides the world’s most accurate tool for training best practice ventilation technique.



The SmartMan Megacode Shockable manikin comes with all of the hardware and software functionality included in the Megacode Pro model. This manikin comes with the extra functionality of a rhythm generator that is able to control and display a variety of rhythms on your incumbent brand of defibrillator*. The generator is able to create 11 heart rhythms including ‘peri arrest’ rhythms, shockable and non-shockable rhythms; meeting the requirements for rhythm recognition and management in the Resus Council ALS course. The added value of the Megacode system is the software is able to track and record the decision making of the trainee whilst the resus scenario is being carried out, highlighting where they have correctly or incorrectly recognised and actioned a heart rhythm and showing time to action after recognising the rhythm being shown.


The SmartMan Megacode Shockable package also comes with all the connectors to allow safe and controlled high capacity discharge of the defibrillator to which it is connected. These features allow full ALS simulation as well as the ability to train staff on the brand of defibrillator specific to the centre in which they are working. The rhythm generator is compatible with most leading brands of defibrillator* and can be used with training pads or standard chest pads attached to the manikins chest, encouraging realistic simulated training in pad placement. 


Laptop, tablet and defibrillator not included. Limbs are available at additional cost.


*The defibrillator brand you intend to use with your shockable manikin must be specified at purchase to ensure the correct connectors are provided with the package to ensure compatibility with your defibrillator.


For further information, product brochures, pricing or to arrange a demonstration of the SmartMan please email:

SmartMan Megacode Simulators - POA

    • Unlimited user log ins provided free of charge
    • No on going software licence fees 
    • Keep your training up to date with free software updates published as guidelines change
    • Competence score generated after every training event
    • Competence scores can be recalled and reviewed any time
    • Compressions feedback includes depth and rate, degree of non-release, too deep warning
    • Ventilations feedback includes Volume of air delivered, rate of air flow
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