Growing evidence for the efficacy of low fidelity simulators in laparoscopic surgery

The Temple report was published back in 2010. Written by Sir John Temple the report addressed the impact of the European Work Time Restrictions (EWTR) on medical and surgical training. Of particular interest was the suggestion of the need for change from traditional methods of surgical education in order to maintain standards within the constraints of the 48 hour working week. The report highlighted the importance of surgical simulation and the myriad of benefits, which come from practicing surgical skills away from the operating theatre.

Previous evidence from ASiT has subsequently highlighted the lack of access to high quality surgical simulation in the UK. With an ever expanding collection of evidence in favour of ‘take home simulators’ and ‘at home surgical simulation’ it is often difficult to keep up to date with the interesting publications in this field. With this in mind Inovus is proud to announce that they will soon be launching their ‘paper watch’ series. This series will offer brief overviews and consolidate conclusions and suggestions from some of the leading papers looking at surgical, and more specifically, laparoscopic simulation, published over recent years. We hope you enjoy the series.

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