New Pyxus Pro Glide now available online

Following a successful soft launch in late 2014 Inovus are delighted to announce the full launch of the much-awaited second generation Pyxus Pro Glide, now available for purchase through the online store. The new model boasts a number of design and specification improvements including:

  • Fully adjustable simulator platform allowing simulator height to be adjusted to suit operator preference (Unique feature)

  • Sleek, moulded steel composite frame provides improved styling and durability

  • New screen mounting system allows multiple screen height and angle options giving trainees the ability to ‘personalise’ their training environment for added comfort and improved training experience

  • Options for customised screen size up to 23"

  • 6x integrated ‘forceps bays’ allows for improved access and change over of forceps during training

  • Addition of extra entry ports and dummy trocars as standard

  • Dummy laparoscope options

The new Pyxus Pro Glide is the first laparoscopic ‘stack’ simulator on the market to offer the ability to adjust both simulator and screen height. This unique feature makes it the most user friendly and versatile stack simulator on the market. The addition of extra entry ports and the dummy trocars as standard offer even greater value for money. The Pyxus Pro Glide also boasts the option of a dummy laparoscope with either zero degree or thirty-degree camera options.

With all of its additions and design improvements the new model is the most complete laparoscopic simulator on the market today and represents superb value for money. If you are a new or existing customer and would like to demo the new Pyxus Pro Glide please get in touch at: Or to view the new simulator click here.

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