Inovus CEO offers advice to the next generation of entrepreneurial doctors

With increasing uncertainty over the security and future of a career in clinical medicine many of our future colleagues are looking to alternative careers and the options open to them. Inovus CEO, Elliot Street, was recently invited along to the University of Manchester for a panel based event aimed at giving the medical students an idea of life outside of the clinical arena – His views on utilising the wide range of transferable skills learnt at medical school to combine a career in clinical medicine with other pursuits were well received by the audience. Dr Street said after the event, ‘Medical students and junior doctors are bursting with energy, enthusiasm and great ideas. I think that if we can help these extremely bright and creative people realise their ideas and offer advice on the way to do this then we all stand to benefit, most importantly, patients stand to benefit – I hope I have given some useful advice this evening that will do just that.’

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