Designers overview of the Pyxus HD move Laparoscopic simulator

The Pyxus HD move (TM) is perhaps our strongest selling product across the entire range. I believe this to be a direct result of its multiple features and realistic ergonomics. This summary will breakdown my favorite features of this laparoscopic simulator.

1. The Dummy Endoscope

The Pyxus endoscope comes in both 720p & 1080p camera options both of which are extremely high quality, although the 1080p option provides the closest to life experience. Camera movement is controlled primarily by the user or camera operator and focus is achieved automatically through the camera hardware. Smooth insertion of the camera was something of utmost importance on the latest model. We have achieved this through the use of a sliding trocar that comes pre-fitted to the camera shaft.

2. Flexible Arm

The flexible bracket provided with each move model allows individuals the opportunity to train alone by affixing the cameras position as shown in the image above.

3. Silicone abdominal wall

The silicone barrier which both camera and instruments are inserted through has been designed with reality in mind. We wanted to give the user the most realistic feeling achievable with synthetic materials. Our in-house design team have found the perfect silicone mixture to give you the closest to life experience.

The most important thing of all when designing the latest version of the HD move was to achieve all of the above but deliver it to your door anywhere in the world at no extra cost. Pyxus now comes fully flat packed and can be assembled in 5 minutes by following the instructional manual provided.

This is in our eyes perhaps the most versatile simulator on the market at an affordable price.

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