Inventing your own Laparoscopic tasks

One of the things we really encourage with our simulators is creativity. It's important to practice as many skills as possible with your simulator so getting creative with household supplies can sometimes be just as effective as buying the training bases that we provide. It's astounding what can be achieved with items as simple as a toilet roll and even an egg container. Being inventive is really down to you, what skills do you think you need to hone?

We posted a video quite some time ago demonstrating how to create your very own cutting task with a couple of latex rubber gloves and a jug of water.

Our aim is to build a vast library of laparoscopic tasks created by you the user at home by sharing your creations on our Lapskills platform. Once you've purchased one of our simulators you will be given free unlimited access to our online based web application. Here you can train live on your simulator, record your very own tutorial videos before uploading them directly onto our YouTube channel for the world to see.

With all that said, let's build the biggest user generated surgical training platform the world has ever seen!

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