Inovus announce launch of performance tracking software

Inovus are please to announce the launch of a cutting edge software platform to be paired with their range of affordable, take home laparoscopic simulators. The SurgTrac platform, developed by EOSurgical, offers a one stop shop for laparoscopic surgical skills training including a structured curriculum, objective performance feedback and ability to track skills progression. The addition of the software brings all the benefits of expensive virtual reality simulators to the masses. Inovus CEO, Dr Elliot Street said this about the launch, ‘We are really excited to pair the SurgTrac platform with our simulators. Having revolutionised access to affordable training hardware the next step is to drive engagement with the hardware through distance learning and the SurgTrac platform is a great tool to do this’. The SurgTrac software is due for launch at the end of the month. If you would like to register your interest for the software or learn more about what it can do for you please email us on:

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