Inovus Laparoscopic simulators now available with performance tracking and online curriculum

Following the announcement of the pairing of the SurgTrac software platform with the Inovus take home laparoscopic simulators in August, we are pleased to say that the platform is now available to buy through our online store or direct over the phone. The SurgTrac platform offers online curriculum with standardised tasks, movement tracking metrics and performance tracking. When combined with the real life haptic feedback experienced with the tasks inside the Pyxus Laparoscopic box trainer this platform offers a complete training package to rival the expensive VR simulators; better yet it is available for as little as £400. For Inovus customers there are two ways of purchasing the platform; for those who already have a Pyxus laparoscopic box trainer you can purchase the software as a stand alone item from our store. If you are yet to buy a simulator you can make a cost saving by purchasing the Pyxus and the software as a single package, visit our store for more details.

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