Inovus change the game in affordable laparoscopic simulation

With increasing calls for training surgeons to prove their competency through simulation there is an ever increasing disconnect between the demands placed on trainees and their ability to meet these through simulation. Access to high fidelity simulators is often difficult and sporadic and until now the more accessible, low fidelity simulators have not offered the procedural specific tasks and performance feedback needed to demonstrate surgical proficiency.

The Inovus design team has developed a game changing range of laparoscopic skills tasks to address this shortfall in access to procedure specific simulation. The range of tasks will be aimed at simulating the most common laparoscopic procedures performed across a range of specialties including general surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Urology. The tasks provide the ability to work through the main steps in procedures such as laparoscopic appendectomy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The close to life feel of handling the synthetic tissue and standardized anatomy offer a realistic and affordable way to simulate these core procedures. With an estimated retail price starting at £20 this new range of skills tasks is considerably more affordable than previous offerings for use in the ‘box trainer model’, where prices are often in excess of £70 for a single use item. The affordable price tag offers trainees and teaching institutions the opportunity to perform multiple simulated procedures whilst keeping costs under control.

The first of the procedure specific tasks to be released will be our unique Laparoscopic appendectomy model (pictured). This model consists of the terminal caecum, terminal ileum and appendix with associated mesoappendix. Our design team has worked closely with our in house clinicians to develop a model that offers anatomically correct and close to life tissue handling whilst presenting an accurate representation of the difficulty of managing ‘mobile bowel’ during such a procedure. The model offers the ability to practice and show proficiency in a number of the common steps in laparoscopic appendectomy including locating the appendix, mobilizing the appendix, division of the mesoappendix, ligation and excision of the appendix. Instructional videos showing the steps will be available for free on the Inovus LapSkills Platform, available free of charge for all customers with an Inovus Laparoscopic simulator.

Inovus CEO and Clinical Director, Dr Elliot Street, had this to say about the new range of skills tasks; “Having been a trainee in the NHS myself I am acutely aware of the drive towards simulation based competencies and the current disconnect between the need to demonstrate such competencies and the access to affordable equipment to do so. By pairing our new range of realistic and affordable procedural models with our range of affordable simulators I believe this unique offering will significantly benefit the training of surgeons across the globe without breaking the bank. I must say a big thank you to our design team who have worked tirelessly to develop a product that, in my opinion, beats the competition hands down on realism whilst sticking to the Inovus ethos of affordability; they have delivered an improved product at the fraction of the price offered by our competitors, something they should be proud of.”

Read more about the Inovus appendectomy model here.

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