Inovus Simulators used in Health Education England National selection process

The National selection interviews for general surgical ST3 posts were held last month at the HEE in London. With an ever-increasing focus on laparoscopic surgery across all specialties it is no surprise to learn that the selection interviews now have a laparoscopic skills element to them. This involves candidates performing specific laparoscopic skills in a simulated environment. Inovus were honored to supply the simulators for this element of the interviews. The specific simulator used for this, and future interviews, was the Pyxus HD Laparoscopic simulator (pictured above). Reports form the team at HEE indicated that the simulator performed well over the course of the interviews and has provided the perfect platform for assessing laparoscopic surgical competency.

If you are trainee thinking of applying for next years ST3 selection and want to get ahead of the game in the laparoscopic skills station then why not purchase your own Pyxus HD Laparoscopic simulator directly from Inovus. Email for information on exclusive trainee discounts.

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