NASCO Healthcare and Inovus Medical announce partnership to deliver affordable healthcare innovation

Inovus Medical have now confirmed their partnership with NASCO healthcare for delivery and representation of their full range of affordable healthcare simulators Across North America. The partnership, finalised at this year’s IMSH healthcare simulation conference in LA, will see NASCO representing Inovus’ full range of products across North America both in their printed and online catalogues as well as through their team of dedicated territory managers. The announcement comes on the back of the release of the much talked about and highly successful Sellick™ cricoid pressure trainer by Inovus in late 2017. NASCO are particularly excited at the introduction of the Sellick™ cricoid pressure trainer into their growing range of EMS healthcare simulators. The partnership started with a bang, with Sellick™ being showcased at the JEMS conference held at the Charlotte Convention Centre in North Carolina where Sellick was put through its paces by thousands of EMS specialists who attended the event. The Sellick cricoid pressure trainer, which has seen enthusiastic and widespread adoption across the UK since its launch in late 2017 provides an affordable, portable and highly realistic solution to this unmet need in healthcare simulation.

Not only are NASCO introducing Sellick™ into the North American market but they have also introduced the full range of Inovus laparoscopic and other surgical simulators again for sale through their printed catalogue, online marketing literature and through their on-the-ground territory managers. The introduction of laparoscopic simulators will be the first time NASCO have moved into the minimally invasive surgical simulation sector and with the adoption of the Inovus brand have positioned themselves to address both institutional training needs with the Pyxus Pro Move and individual Surgical trainees needs with the range of take-home laparoscopic simulators which Inovus offer. Of particular interest to NASCO’s customer base will be the highly realistic medical models that Inovus offer with their simulators, including laparoscopic appendix models, laparoscopic cholecystectomy models and the soon to be released full suite of laparoscopic obstetrics and gynaecology models. The Inovus range of laparoscopic simulators offers an unprecedented level of functionality with integrated screens, integrated laparoscopes, ability to train port entry through a realistic abdominal wall as well as the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee on their laparoscopic simulators.

The inclusion of the Inovus brand into the NASCO offering will see NASCO healthcare be at the front of the queue for the delivery of the new and exciting Inovus medical simulators which are due to be launched in 2018. These include simulators addressing areas of obstetrics and gynaecology training with a number of obstetrics and gynaecology task trainers as well as the worlds first turnkey, highly realistic hysteroscopy simulator. Not only this but Inovus will be developing and launching further products in the EMS space that further fall in line with the core product range of NASCO healthcare and as such will see significant exposure across North America through NASCO’s ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

Inovus Medical CEO, Dr Elliot Street, had this to say about the partnership: “I’m really excited that NASCO will be serving as one of our distribution partners in North America for our full range of products. With over 50 years of experience in the healthcare simulation sector and a huge reach, both through their online and print marketing as well as on the ground, NASCO couldn’t be better placed to spread the word about Inovus Medical’s affordable and extremely high quality healthcare simulation products. Having met the members of the team who are on the ground I believe that NASCO will do an excellent job of representing the huge advantages and value-add that are delivered in the Inovus product range and I’m sure that their activity will see the Inovus medical brand grow to the strength it has seen in the UK over recent years. We are also really excited about the potential for future product collaborations bringing together some of Inovus’ proprietary technology with NASCO’s existing product ranges creating hybridised medical simulators with functionality that has not before been seen.”

Jack McNeff, Senior Vice President of NASCO healthcare had this to say “We at Nasco Healthcare look forward to our partnership with Inovus, The Sellick trainer fits perfectly with our EMS market and the Laparoscopic trainers will open doors in Medical schools.”

Inovus Medical designs and manufactures a range of highly affordable, accessible and extremely realistic medical and surgical simulation products. Founded in 2012 by a medical student and a psychology graduate Inovus revolutionised the delivery of surgical simulation by brining to market the worlds first and most affordable range of take-home laparoscopic surgical simulators. Since the launch of these, Inovus has grown its range of laparoscopic simulators to include institutional simulators, used in over 50% of NHS trusts in the UK, as well as adding to their range of healthcare simulators with Sellick™ the cricoid pressure trainer, the worlds only commercially available cricoid pressure task trainer. All Inovus products are designed in-house by their team of designers and practicing clinicians. All Inovus products are manufactured from their facility and headquarters based in St Helens, UK.

For enquiries please email info@inovus.orgor visit our website at

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