Inovus introduce low cost gynae models for laparoscopic simulation

Following the successful launch of their range of low cost single use models for general surgery, Inovus are pleased to announce the addition of two gynaecology specific models into the range. The Inovus ectopic pregnancy model and myomectomy model have been designed and developed alongside the Inovus clinical team to bring to market models that offer close to life tissue handling, anatomically correct structures and a unique ‘two procedures per model’ design. The models have been designed to fit with Inovus’ core value of affordable simulation. The ‘two procedures per model’ design means that the products offer the most cost effective way to train laparoscopic removal of ectopic pregnancy and laparoscopic myomectomy with each procedure being performed for less than £10. The products are compatible with all box trainer models on the market and as such can be integrated into existing training activates or programmes. For more information visit our online shop.

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