Inovus Medical to develop mixed reality laparoscopic simulator with backing from NHS England and SBR

Inovus are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a share of the £1.2 million SBRI Healthcare product development contract that was announced earlier this month. The most recent SBRI funding, an initiative backed by NHS England, focused on the development of new technologies to improve pre-operative surgical simulation.

Inovus will be using the funding to develop the world’s first, affordable, mixed reality (MR) surgical training platform. Focusing initially on laparoscopic simulation, Inovus will be developing an augmented reality system to be used with their Pyxus range of laparoscopic simulators. The AR system will combine Inovus’ synthetic soft tissue models with a highly realistic digital environment capable of simulating surrounding anatomical structures and intraoperative complications. The MR platform will offer real to life tissue handling and an ability to work through the critical steps of many core laparoscopic surgical procedures. By combining this platform with Inovus’ range of affordable laparoscopic simulators and single use medical models, Inovus will be truly democratising access to close to life surgical simulation.

Inovus Medical CEO, Dr Elliot Street, had this to say about the announcement. “We are honoured that SBRI Healthcare and NHS England have chosen to back us on this project. Pre-operative warm up is becoming an increasingly popular topic and is something that can have a significant impact on operative performance and patient outcomes. Until now, access to highly realistic pre-operative simulation has been limited due to the cost and size of existing simulators. The development of our mixed reality platform will allow surgeons across the NHS and global healthcare systems to access portable, affordable and most importantly, extremely realistic pre-operative simulation.”

Inovus Medical:

Inovus Medical is a multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of medical and surgical simulation products. Founded in 2012 by a medical student and a psychology graduate Inovus revolutionised the delivery of surgical simulation by brining to market the worlds first and most affordable range of take-home laparoscopic surgical simulators. Since the launch of these, Inovus has grown its range of laparoscopic simulators to include institutional simulators, used in over 50% of NHS trusts in the UK, as well as adding to their range of healthcare simulators with Sellick™ the cricoid pressure trainer, the worlds only commercially available cricoid pressure task trainer. All Inovus products are designed in-house by their team of designers and practicing clinicians. Inovus products are manufactured from their facility and headquarters based in St Helens, UK and shipped across the globe.

For enquiries please email info@inovus.orgor visit our website at

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