Inovus Medical announces launch of bozzini™ Basic Hysteroscopy simulator.

July 22, 2019




A close to life, portable hysteroscopy simulation system. 

In 2018 Inovus Medical launched the the bozzini™ Hysteroscopy Simulator the world’s first training device that delivers close to life, affordable, turnkey hysteroscopy simulation, the launch of which was supported by EIT Health through a 50,000 Euro Headstart award. 


Soon after its entry to the market It became evident that there was an opportunity for Inovus to develop this simulator further in order to meet the needs of medical device companies and simulation providers who already possess the imaging required for hysteroscopy simulation but were lacking in access to affordable and highly realistic anatomical models. In answer to this the Inovus design team have created the bozzini™ Hysteroscopy Basic.  


The basic package allows the end user to experience hands on “wet-lab” simulation thanks to its fully irrigatable uterine mode